Thursday, August 25, 2011

More Inchies boxes

Getting bigger , 4" Inchies now.
Lisa at.... sent me this pretty flower, plus other gorgeous goodies.I was wondering what it would look like on top of the box.The lid is just placed on top for now.The sides of the box took me three nights' t.v. viewing to finish!(embroidery, and beading, buttons). I saw the African Queen, The Marriage of Figaro( set in South Australia!!), and a Rebus dvd.I always like to have something to stitch in fron of t.v. I decided to make another box around a flower thme, and put Lisa's flower on that one.  

Without the flower..

I actually have several more "on-the-go", and feel thrilled with this project. I was all set to begin the bags from my new bag book, until I saw the Inchies book at the local Public library. I just had to make some inchies, then there were photos of little boxes made from Inchies....sigh!!Still, it's definitely ok to get distracted!

Have a laugh with this one!!  Thanks Mary Ann (see link).
click mouse twice to enlarge screen.

A snippet from The Marriage of Figaro

It was fun looking for, and trying to recognise all the little scenes in this movie.Most of it is filmed in Adelaide (South Australia).Another great find at the library.What would we do without our wonderful libraries! I think I'll probably buy this one for Mum for Christmas. Very quirky film.