Saturday, August 27, 2011

Spring Giveaway/ Hurricane Alert/ 193 posts!

To my American / Canadian Readers...
Just to let you know how  sorry we are that  another hurricane is heading across the East Coast of America, and now Canada.We trust it doesn't do damage like the last one(s).It must be quite terrifying.I'm glad to hear the Hurrican has lessened in intensity, but still of concern.
And now for the Giveaway!! 4" Inchies box


( I'll add cards, laces etc to make up a nice to come)

The box will look a bit like this one when folded and hand sewn.
This box will come mostly with most sides stitched. The  top  and bottom need to be sewn on when it arrives, as it's much easier to post flat things.If you'd like to be in the draw for this box just write your name in the Comments box.  I'll  leave this post open for a week or so.I will probably have a couple of small ones to give away as well.
193 posts-I'm having a big Giveaway to celebrate 200 posts.keep an eye out for this one!

At Friday Craft Group:
I was thrilled that all of the bags I donated to the Trading Table at Friday Craft group all sold very quickly.Money raised from there goes to the Community of Sisters in Africa.They support 191 villagers.I am so glad to have a place to give my craft items to.I am relatively new to the group, but already feel warmly welcome.I love going there already!It's so lovely to have a good laugh with like minded people.We all need that I think.

In the mail
 These books are gorgeous.I can hardly take my eyes off the pages. I have to make one of the cushions in the Quilt A Gift book, plus the doll in Allie's book. What treasures!!These are from Lisa..... Lisa's packages are always a joy.Such a generous lady.

Hope you have/had   a lovely weekend.