Thursday, December 29, 2011

Something New for the New Year

Adelaide Zoo Favourite has gone

Adelaide Zoo has just lost(died of old age), a very popular bird at the zoo.Lyre birds have the ability to mimic an amazing number of sounds and calls.They can even mimic the sound of building works, like hammers, drills etc.Hope you enjoy this video!

Scrapbooking/Cards/ Craft supplies shop

Christmas decorations/cards

Things to entertain the children

Little seating area with coffee facilities, toys for children, mags etc.

Isn't this shop lovely!!And to think  I had passed it on the way to Mum's for nearly a year before I noticed it!!It used to be a big video store, but a year ago was made into two shops with the Scrapbooking Shop on the outside, nearest the road.I couldn't wait to see inside, so the other day, I had my first look. Oh my goodness!!What a pretty, and inspiring shop. They have two groups once a month on a Friday, so I'm off this Friday to find out if I'd like to do some paper craft. I'm also booked in to a class at the end of the month.

My Current Inspiration is coming from.....

This dvd is terrific.Well worth getting just for generating enthusiasm if for nothing else. However, I have got loads of project ideas from this dvd. 

In the meantime....some bowl making for gifts

Zigzag strips to make a coil

Turn coiled piece on side to begin bowl sides

completed bowl- already has a use!

I have been watching a dvd by Colouricious called Inspired-Recycled Reborn. One of the segments showed how to make bowls using old tight/pantyhose cut into strips, and zigzagged with decorative yarns, then the strips zigzagged together to make coasters, bowls etc.I already had a big bag of "cords" (zigzagged yarns), so I began with those.Here is the first bowl I made.

Here are the next lot

Here are three that I've nearly finished.

Well, that's it for now. There is just so much on this video it will keep me busy for quite some tiime exploring all the techniques. I love the Colouricious dvd's.The women all get on so well together, and make the projects seem very "do-able".

My(hot) darlings

Our New Year's Day was the hottest in 112 years.We have felt a bit dazed, and I think so have our little bird visitors. They have loved our bird baths and often fly into the bowls and flutter about a bit to get cool.I am amazed how few people have a bird bath especially in such hot weather.We made two more for them as they were lining up to use the one in the back garden at one stage.