Monday, January 2, 2012

The Mermaid's Dream fabric book/Charlie's baby

It's been a lovely start to the year. I have loads of ideas for future projects, and I am finding resources I'd either forgotten I had, or haven't looked at in a long while, and they seem fresh and inspiring. I just can't understand in our world with so many Resources, that people can say they aren't Creative, or don't know how to develop it. I sometimes feel there is so much stimulation available now, that being focussed can be a challenge.

Until something takes me off track again, I thought I'd try and finish some projects I started last year, but left them half way through. It does feel good to finish things.I have always though that is important.

It's been so Jolly Hot here, that working with cool blues and greens has been a nice change.

A bit more to my Sea-themed book

Previous page

Previous page

Previous page

 This fabric book project has been languishing on my UFO shelf for about a year now, and I thought it was time to finish it.I was going to be in a swap with pages for this book, but my partner got busy etc. so the book idea languished ,and I got terribly distracted-until now.

Until I began this book, I hardly ever worked in blue, but I have grown to like it a whole lot more.I seem to work in a different way too.

This flap(dark blue) opens forward to reveal a page beneath.There'll be a top flap overlapping as well

A mermaid waiting.You can see there was a lot less on the background page, and on the flap.

There's been a bit more work done on the seaweed flap and page beneath.I machine stitched over top of a silk scarf, and used watercolour pencils to accent some areas.

This is what the mermaid looked like on the silk scarf background with very little added.

She sank into the background a bit.What to do?

I used a tip from an early Quilting Arts dvd. and placed her on black felt to outline the figure and make it
stand out.Maybe the line in black is too thick, or perhaps dark blue or green felt might have been better?

Drawing Inspiration from Ocean Videos.

Here is the wonderful Ellen Ann Eddy and her new book.

Her magical Art Quilts are thrillingly inspirational!!

I have just ordered Ellen's new book.

Charlie has had a baby!

The other day we had a new little one visit along with Charlie and her mate.It's Charlie's new baby!! We were hoping she would bring it to us, and she did!!Charlie was the baby from last year's old regular visiting pair.She is the only baby to have stayed around.When the parents tried to chase Charlie off, she just wouldn't go!!Her little one is quite tame already, and Charlie's mate is tame now too.He used to be quite timid.

New baby bird

Mother and baby

Mum, Dad, and baby!!